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Jarvis Gatlin

Richard is definitely an SEO master. His lead generation techniques and strategies have helped business owners achieve a maximum return on investment 100% of the time. He is dedicated to getting results for his clients and is one of the most ethical and trustworthy people I have met. Working with him has been a pleasure and I highly recommend him if you need to take your business to the next level.

Mustafa Dabbagh

Richard is an expert at bringing in traffic to your website. His knowledge in the industry is excellent and he backs it up with the results he gives. He differs from other people in the digital marketing industry with his in depth practical-knowledge of seeing opportunities where others don’t. Another one of Richard’s attributes is that he is precise and direct with that he will accomplish, and then over accomplishes on what he sets out to do.

I would always recommend Richard to anyone who is looking to get more customers and more traffic to their website.

Lu Gravelle

We worked with Richard and his team at Epic SEO on a challenging project to boost lead generation for a national client. Their insights were extremely helpful, and helped us deliver a higher than targeted ROI. The client was happy, and so were we! Would be very happy to work with Richard and his team again.

Ryan Ciran

I am very proud to share the field with Richard in the rapidly growing field of SEO. His attention to detail for every customer he services is unmatched, and the ROI you get when choosing his company is mind blowing. From lead generation to his on page and off page SEO is top notch. He is a truly a leader in the field of SEO and delivers every time!

Abrar Patel

Recently I had the opportunity to work with Richard and I justly claim Richard the Master in building in SEO tactics. My website received maximum traffic just after Richard laid his hands down on it. Richard has the know-how to keep clients satisfied. So in your intimidating times, contact Richard. I highly recommend him.

Allan Wu

If your business is already paying for advertising, you need to be involved in online marketing. It is the way of the future and is proven to provide the greatest return on investment. With that being said, Richard with Epic SEO is one of the best choices you can make because he has the resources and the knowledge to get incredible results and return on investment for your business. Get your business to the next level with Richard, just make sure you can handle all the new business.

Martin R Bellinger

Working with Richard is a pleasure – he’s a real team player who’s passionate, committed, hard-working and cares deeply about his SEO work. A true digital SEO expert, he has his finger firmly on the pulse of developments and changes in the digital & SEO landscape.
Richard intrinsically understands digital channels and how to leverage them to can create real business value.

Kyle Crumpler

Richard Aumaitre with Epic SEO is great! They know how to make magic work on the internet and bring tons of new clients into a business. They work with Google to help provide customers with the information they need to make the purchase, and it all starts with Epic SEO. Work with them and you’ll be glad you did.

Rob Mc Donagh

Richard is one of the few SEO Specialists and Lead Generation experts around today that you can trust to take your business to the next level. If you are looking for a top SEO that will not only take your company to Page 1 of Google but is also full of integrity and trustworthiness, then look no further than Richard. SEO is all about results and Richard is all about delivering exactly the results you are looking for and with an irresistible ROI, you are surely in safe hands. Reach out to Richard today, you will not regret it.

Amir Watynski

Richard is reliable, dependable, punctual, and extremely organized. His broad knowledge of SEO and the web enabled him to effectively manage our client accounts with excellent results. He routinely brought new ideas to the company which helped us provide top notch service. He continually stays on top of his field, and his skill and personality would make him an asset to any organization.