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Web pages optimized to rank as high as possible in search engines, turning your homepage into a lead generation machine. No tricks or underhanded practices, just expertise and hard work.

Local SEO

Stand out among competing businesses in your locale by providing consumers with the easiest path to reach your homepage. Your biggest concern should be handling the influx of new traffic coming to your site.

Pay-Per-Click Management

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management, or cost-per-click (CPC), is our definitive method for overseeing the effectiveness of lead generation methods. We approach search engine results like marketers approach ad campaigns.

Social Media Management

As social media is a part of SEO, we extend our services to make sure you’re covered across these platforms. The result is an optimized message for each avenue of lead generation and well-connected links holding it all together.

About Epic SEO

Why Do I Need Search Engine Optimization?

about-epic-seo There are over a billion active websites on the Internet, and this number is climbing rapidly as you read this. The World Wide Web is a crowded arena, full of new upstarts emerging daily to stake their claim in the open market. Over three billion consumers visit these websites regularly, and over 90% of them will employ search engines to find their destinations. The question then becomes: how do I make my website stand out among so many competitors? The answer is search engine optimization, or SEO.

Why Choose Epic for http://cilaisgenericcialis20mg30tablettrial.accountant cialis 20 mg Boca Raton SEO?

Many marketers and SEO “specialists” will guarantee placement, pack your site with keywords and move on to the next without measuring the effectiveness of their strategies. In reality, SEO requires a thorough understanding of how search engines and web crawlers work, how they see web pages, and how to construct sites and pages to accommodate these parameters. Moreover, SEO specialists must understand the best practices in building backlinks, how to use social media to increase visibility, how to format keywords, and how to structure headers. At Epic SEO, we have operated in the search engine optimization field for over a decade, and we’ve accumulated enough understanding to deliver definitive results without taking shortcuts.

What Our Clients Say

The following are testimonials from clients who have benefitted from our services and were willing to share their experience. These are real companies, who receivedreal cialis viagra Boca Raton SEO solutions.


Recently I had the opportunity to work with Richard and I justly claim Richard the Master in building in SEO tactics. My website received maximum traffic just after Richard laid his hands down on it. Richard has the know-how to keep clients satisfied. So in your intimidating times, contact Richard. I highly recommend him.

Abrar Patel


If your business is already paying for advertising, you need to be involved in online marketing. It is the way of the future and is proven to provide the greatest return on investment. With that being said, Richard with Epic SEO is one of the best choices you can make because he has the resources and the knowledge to get incredible results and return on investment for your business. Get your business to the next level with Richard, just make sure you can handle all the new business.

Allan Wu


Working with Richard is a pleasure – he’s a real team player who’s passionate, committed, hard-working and cares deeply about his SEO work. A true digital SEO expert, he has his finger firmly on the pulse of developments and changes in the digital & SEO landscape.
Richard intrinsically understands digital channels and how to leverage them to can create real business value.

Martin R Bellinger